Man Risked His Life To Rescue His Dog From A Burning House.

What would you do if faced with the same circumstance? Would you run for safety? Or risk everything and save your best friend?

A man from Pala was called a hero after he risked his life to rescue his dog from a burning house.

Jose Guzman and his family had gone out for a visit with his grandparents when the fire broke out. 

Man Risks His Life To Rescue His Dog From A Burning House.

A neighbor called after seeing the smoke.

In a viral video doing rounds in social media, Jose is seen disregarding firefighters and rushing into his burning home to save his dog. He ran to the back and found Gabbana still on her leash, but hiding in the bathroom, the only room that did not catch fire.

“I was not scared. I wasn’t thinking about it. I was only thinking about getting her to safety,” Jose told KUSI NEWS.

“I parked my truck there, and I ran. Uhm.. the firefighters didn’t even see me coming through.”


It was after the rescue when Jose realized that he had burnt his face and hands, and Gabbana scorched on his nose and paws.

According to Guzman, Gabbana is not just an ordinary dog to them; she’s part of the family. They have been with her since she was a pup.

“She’s been with us forever. She’s part of the family. We love her”, he told KUSI NEWS

Though they lost almost everything due to the house fire, Jose is grateful to have his family and their love.

Jose works two jobs, in construction and landscaping. 

His sister has created a Gofundme page to help the family get back to their feet ( ).

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