Man in disbelief after finding out his newborn twins belong to two fathers
Babies in photo are different from the ones in story

One man has been left in shock after he found out his newborn twins belong to two fathers.

The parent from China, who remains anonymous, made the disturbing discovery after taking his newborn twins to undergo a DNA test as part of the standard procedure to register their births in China.

As per the Chinese media report, the DNA results indicated that the mother of the newborn twins had intercourse with another man other than the father.

Man in disbelief after finding out his newborn twins belong to two fathers

Ms. Deng Yajun, a practitioner who produced the DNA results, disclosed that the chance for such to happen is one in ten million.

‘First, the mother needs to produce two eggs instead of one in the same month [to have twins],’ Ms. Deng told China News Weekly.

‘Second, she needs to have intercourse with two men in really short space of time to make it possible.’

She suggested: ‘The results showed that the children have the same mother but not the same father. They have at least two fathers.’ 

Such a rare occurrence is known as heteropaternal superfecundation. It happens when a woman has intercourse with two different men within a day or after ovulation for both eggs to fertilize.

According to Daily Mail, this is not the first story to be reported in China.

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