13-Year-Old Finishes College With 4 Degrees, Becoming Youngest Student To Ever Graduate There

Have you ever imagined graduating with four associate degrees at barely 13 years?

Have you ever imagined the possibility of a student acquiring four associate degrees before the 13th birthday? Many wouldn’t believe this.

At what age did you acquire your first degree, leave alone the second and the third one? In ordinary circumstances, students complete their first degree basically by their 16th or 17th birthday.

13-Year-Old Finishes College With 4 Degrees, Becoming Youngest Student To Ever Graduate There

Several factors determine this since others acquire their degrees at a more advanced stage of their life. In essence, academic prowess is the pride of every parent.

Acquiring an associate degree is the pride of most learners in every corner of the world. Though it takes a couple of years to graduate with an associate degree, a student in California has caught many by surprise after completing a record four associate degrees by the age of 13 years.

Jack Rico from Fullerton College in California has emerged as the youngest student in the institution to bag such a great achievement.
Interestingly, the young Jack managed to record impressive performance in all the areas of study he underwent. The student concurrently pursued and excelled in History, social behavior, social science, and human expression.

Speaking to CNN, Fullerton college president Greg Schulz noted that the student is wise and stands out among 21000 students from the college. `It is not usual to have young students take on classes.”“ Jack is therefore noticeable within Fullerton College,” the college president stated.

13-Year-Old Finishes College With 4 Degrees, Becoming Youngest Student To Ever Graduate There

Schulz further noted that the student appears wise than his age. The joy of Jack crowning his academic achievement through a colorful graduating ceremony was short-lived. This is due to the effect of COVID 19 that resulted in the cancellation of the graduation ceremony.

Thanks to his academic prowess, he’s been offered a fully funded scholarship to further his studies at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas.

Shinning star

Jack’s mother is amazed by her son’s academic progress. Though proud of his performance, Rico’s mother Ru Andrade indicated that she was aware her son had special abilities from a tender age.

This is because on inquiring about what to offer to her son, opposed to other kids who would ask for toys, her son requested her that he needs to see the white house. The response is an extraordinary experience that made her mother believe her son was intelligent.

Additionally, Ricos’ mother stated that her son would one day surprise her with the names of a few presidents and their deputies a few days after he threw a prank on taking him for a trip if he could memorize all the presidents.