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Single Mom’s Car Vandalized While at a Peaceful Protest; Stranger Gives Her a Check



Michelle Turner joined a peaceful protest in Cesar Chavez Park in Sacramento, California. She had joined other peaceful protestors to demonstrate in the wake of George Floyd’s death.

However, she never would have imagined that her night would result in heavy losses. She is a healthcare service provider and a single mom to two boys.

Michelle returned to her car when the protest was over to find it vandalized. There was glass all over the place; the sunroof was damaged, the doors had been broken, and windows kicked in.

The damage had been done by vandals who were destroying property as they marched through the streets. The magnitude of the damage was so much for her to bear, and she stood there distressed.

As she was probably calculating how much the repairs would cost, a stranger passed by. He noticed her in agony beside her wrecked car. The stranger’s name is Berry Accius, a known loud voice for social justice reforms in Sacramento. Berry went over to her to console her.

Berry is a youth activist and a community organizer in Sacramento. He knew that he needed to offer some sort of help in addition to compassion. As he gave her a shoulder to cry on, literally, he knew he needed to offer more.

Accius said that he felt the responsibility to stop and help this new friend he’d found.

“Black women are the ones that stand in the gap when black men die,” Accius said as he emphasized why humanity should prevail.

The following day, the two met up. With a big hug and a big check, Berry demonstrated how humanity looks like to the appreciative Turner.

She had a few words to say of the young people who destroyed her car. “Someone should tell these kids to stop breaking stuff, it will not solve anything,” she appealed.



Ohio man who was told by a doctor he wouldn’t live past age 11 is now turning 62



Ohio man is defying the odds after doctors told his mother he wouldn’t live past 11 years.

Joey Wittkugle was born with Down Syndrome 62 years ago. Back then, very few people understood Down syndrome or children born with developmental disabilities.

“Sixty-two years ago, nobody knew about them,” Joey’s mom, Bobbi, told WBTW. “They kept them in the house.”

Ohio man who was told by a doctor he wouldn't live past age 11 is now turning 62

When Joey was born, a doctor walked into the room and told Bobbi that Joey would never walk or talk, and he won’t live past age 11.

“You have to put him away. He will never talk; he will never walk.”

He will never know who you are, He will live to the age of 11, and that would be the end of it,” the doctor told Bobbi.

Ohio man who was told by a doctor he wouldn't live past age 11 is now turning 62

Thanks to Bobbi’s priest, who gave her hope and made her realize that Joey was a blessing from God.

“You were gifted by God,” the priest said. “You were chosen by God to have this child. You can’t turn your back on him.”

Six decades later, Joey has proved to his critics that he was not a mistake. He will be turning 62 on June 29.


To honor Joey, his family has arranged a birthday party for him.

Happy birthday Joey, and may you live long enough to prove those naysayers wrong.

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Garbage man saves elderly couple from a burning house



A man from Ceres, California, may not see himself as a hero, but to many, that’s what exactly he is.

Patrick Lebow, a garbage collector, was going about his day’s work when he saw a burning house on Tuesday, June 2.

His adrenaline immediately kicked in, and he knew he had to do something. He rushed to the burning house, kicked the front door and got an elderly couple to safety

Garbage man saves elderly couple from a burning house

Facebook / Ceres Fire Department

“He felt the need to act,” Ceres Fire Chief Kevin Wise told FOX 40. “He saw that they needed some help.”

The elderly couple was at their home when the fire started. The incident could have ended up badly had Patrick not swung into action.

“He found a gentleman that was inside that looked possibly a little dazed and confused,” Wise told Fox40. “He helped that gentleman out of the house.”



As per reports, the firefighters arrived moments after the fire had devoured the building.

Patrick told Fox40 that he only did what any loving person would have done.

We are glad that Patrick’s quick response saved the lives of two elderly citizens. He might not see himself as a hero, but to the elderly couple, he surely is.

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Kidnapped Atlanta Boy Released After Singing Gospel Song for Three Hours Non-Stop



Willie Myrick, a boy from Atlanta, was kidnapped from his driveway on Monday, March 31, 2014.

The kidnapper allegedly used some money to lure the then 9-year-old close enough to grab him and pull him into the car. He then drove away with the boy.

When he was in the car, Willie did something that many 9-year-olds in the same situation may not think of doing. He sang a gospel song.

Kidnapped Atlanta Boy Released After Singing Gospel Song for Three Hours Non-Stop

11Alive News

The kidnapper drove around for three hours. During this time, Willie sang his favorite gospel song, “Every Praise,” repeatedly. This did not excite the kidnapper one bit.

“He kept cursing and telling me to shut up,” Willie recounted. Eventually, the kidnapper couldn’t take it anymore; he kicked the boy out of the car. The boy was released unharmed in East Point.

What Willie did probably saved his life; there is no telling what the kidnapper’s plan was. The story quickly spread and soon landed on the ears of the man who performed the song. The Grammy Award-winning singer Hezekiah Walker was emotional. “You never know who you’re going to touch,” he told Blyne Alexander.

Kidnapped Atlanta Boy Released After Singing Gospel Song for Three Hours Non-Stop

Youtube Screenshot

Hezekiah Walker meets Myrick

Walker was so happy that he flew to Atlanta from New York to meet Willie. The singer grabbed the boy into a tight hug when he entered to a standing ovation at Mt Carmel Baptist Church sanctuary. Willie wouldn’t help but shed tears. The singer then led the church in singing the song, Every Praise.

Community leaders later gathered to warn families about kidnappings. They then advised parents and children on what to do in case of a seizure. This was in a ceremony to celebrate Myrick and his safe return.

Until now, the Atlanta police department has not yet reported on whether they managed to track down the man who kidnapped the 9-year-old.

We are glad Willy Myrick was able to be reunited with his family. It is incredible how a simple act of faith could save one from a complicated ordeal. Please SHARE this with your friends and family.

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