The death of George Floyd has sparked demonstrations in Minneapolis as well as other parts of the US. While some protests are characterized by violence, vandalism, and looting, some of them are quite peaceful.

A section of protesters believes that they can get their point across without arson or violence. One such protester is Alexander Cash.

According to reports, Cash was one of the organizers of the peaceful protest in Philadelphia. He approached the riot officers in East Target car park where they stood guard. He had with him a multipack of water bottles, a donation he had received to help protesters.

black lives matter protest
Photo Credits WashingtonPost

“I know you guys are thirsty”, the 23-year-old told them as he approached them. “I am not yelling at you, don’t be looking at me like that”, he joked. “I am just trying to spread a message”, Cash reassured them.

While some officers maintained their military countenance, some of them smiled at the gesture. “We appreciate it”, some of the officers responded to his gesture. The officers were guarding a Target store during the Sunday protest.

A Twitter user shared the clip of the gesture, with the videographer shouting “good job guys!” to the cops as they went to resume the protest. By Tuesday, the clip had garnered more than 3.4 million views!

protester gives cop water

The viewers congratulated both parties for their mutual respect. Others pointed out that they were grateful that the police in East Liberty appreciated the gesture. This was unlike their colleagues in other parts of the country.

“I just want to show that we can be peaceful”, Cash said as he pointed out that the violence that characterized other protests was really tragic. He did acknowledge that not all cops are bad, but a good number of them abuse their powers.

These protests follow the death of George Floyd in police custody. George Floyd died in the custody of a white police officer from the Minneapolis PD. The officer, Derek Chauvin, pinned George down with his knee on the neck for 8 minutes until he passed away. In a horrific video, Floyd is heard pleading with the officer, saying “I can’t breathe” 15 times before he became unresponsive.