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Caring Florida Cop Stops in Traffic to Save a Pup Hit by Car



Joe Puglia, an officer at Pinellas Park, Florida, was having a typical workday. He was on his way to work when he witnessed a horrible motor accident.

On the busy Florida highway, he saw a tiny pooch hit by a car, landed on the pavement, and remained motionless.

The cop instinct kicked in, and he knew he had to help. He stopped the patrol car in traffic and approached the motionless dog, preparing for the worst. “He literally just slid and wasn’t moving,” said Puglia, who assumed that the dog was dead. “My heart sank,” he said.

Caring Florida Cop Stops in Traffic to Save a Pup Hit by Car

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But Joe saw that the pup wasn’t dead and he was hopeful that he would get well soon.

The kind police officer wrapped an emergency blanket around the tiny dog and took him to the nearest veterinarian for medical assistance. To his amazement, once examined, the dog had sustained minor bruises and cuts from the ordeal.

Puglia looked around for a microchip so as to contact his owner. But the pooch did not have any on him, and there were no reports of a missing dog. Therefore, he was taken to the local animal shelter.

Caring Florida Cop Stops in Traffic to Save a Pup Hit by Car

Inside Edition

A city employee, Shannon Coughlin, fell in love with the tiny pooch and adopted him. The first thing she did after the adoption was to name him; Rosco.

They bonded so well, and Rosco felt right at home. “You’d think he and I have been together forever,” said Coughlin, a weekend after the adoption.

Caring Florida Cop Stops in Traffic to Save a Pup Hit by Car

Inside Edition

Rosco is now healthy and living his best life in a loving home, thanks to the kind Florida police officer, Puglia. Appreciation also goes to the veterinarian team that attended to Rosco.

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Gentle Elephant With a Gunshot Wound on its Head Seeks Help from Humans



Pretty boy, a gentle giant in Zimbabwe, had been shot in the head. Reports indicated that he had been walking around Mana Pools National Park with a bullet hole on his forehead for weeks.

Word got to AWARE officials who set out to look for this wounded elephant. Usually, when AWARE (Animal and Wildlife Area Research Rehabilitation Trust) officials get word of an injured animal, locating it is the most hectic part. That wasn’t the case with 25-year-old Pretty Boy.

When the AWARE veterinarians got to the vicinity of his reported sighting, Pretty Boy joined the party within the first half-hour. The first thing that was apparent to the veterinarians was the bullet hole on his forehead.

The elephant was extremely calm and showed no signs of aggression when he approached the veterinarians. “He literally emanated serenity,” said Lisa Marabini, the Director AWARE Trust.

She added that she is always cautious when approaching wild elephants, but Pretty Boy had no aggressive vibes whatsoever.

The vets sedated him and took some X-ray images that showed the bullet lodged in the head. This lucky gentle giant sustained a gunshot that was only 5cm shy of being a kill shot.

Upon close inspection, Pretty boy seemed to have survived another gunshot as he had an abscess on his shoulder.

The veterinarians theorized that when he got shot in the head, he might have turned to run, and the second shot caught him on the side. He also appeared to have sustained another previous injury to his spine.

It was difficult to locate the bullet as the head was too big to X-ray from different angles. However, the examination did reveal the deep sitting issues that could be treated. According to Lisa, it is okay to leave the bullet in the body as long as it hasn’t hit any vital organ.

That was the case with Pretty Boy. She explained that bullets are sterile while penetrating the skin as they generate so much heat.

The bullet had fractured the sinuses’ bones. The veterinarians removed several black necrotic fragments of the fractured bone. They thoroughly cleaned up the wound and gave him long-acting parasiticides and antibiotics for the infection.

Pretty boy, a gentle elehant in Zimbabwe, had been shot in the head. Reports indicated that he had been walking around Mana Pools National Park with a bullet hole on his forehead for weeks.

The vets stayed until the sedatives wore off to make sure he was okay. He did get up and went to lay near a tree for an additional 30 minutes. The vets return the following day for a follow-up check, which he allowed them to do. A week after the incident, Pretty Boy was seen much healthier, gracefully grazing in the national park.

We are grateful that the AWARE team rushed to rescue Pretty boy and end his pain. Today, Pretty Boy is much happier and healthier.

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Man Risked His Life To Rescue His Dog From A Burning House.



What would you do if faced with the same circumstance? Would you run for safety? Or risk everything and save your best friend?

A man from Pala was called a hero after he risked his life to rescue his dog from a burning house.

Jose Guzman and his family had gone out for a visit with his grandparents when the fire broke out. 

A neighbor called after seeing the smoke.

In a viral video doing rounds in social media, Jose is seen disregarding firefighters and rushing into his burning home to save his dog. He ran to the back and found Gabbana still on her leash, but hiding in the bathroom, the only room that did not catch fire.

“I was not scared. I wasn’t thinking about it. I was only thinking about getting her to safety,” Jose told KUSI NEWS.

“I parked my truck there, and I ran. Uhm.. the firefighters didn’t even see me coming through.”

It was after the rescue when Jose realized that he had burnt his face and hands, and Gabbana scorched on his nose and paws.

According to Guzman, Gabbana is not just an ordinary dog to them; she’s part of the family. They have been with her since she was a pup.

“She’s been with us forever. She’s part of the family. We love her”, he told KUSI NEWS

Though they lost almost everything due to the house fire, Jose is grateful to have his family and their love.

Jose works two jobs, in construction and landscaping. 

His sister has created a Gofundme page to help the family get back to their feet ( ).

We all love the courage portrayed by Jose Guzman, and the love he has for his family is unimaginable. Please SHARE Guzman’s story to inspire other people.

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