The adorable 21-month-old Shia Wilson already has a favorite in the music industry, her auntie Shelea Frazer. It is not a wonder that the toddler knows her song, “Pretty World” by heart. She loves it so much that she can do a drum cover without missing a beat!

Children love sounds, and they are drawn to continually bang items that make sounds that interest them. Shia is no exception. However, when she hits on the drums, you can tell that she really does understand rhythm. She is surprisingly coordinated and in tune with the music.

She is such a talented toddler that she has mastered the beats and how her instruments are arranged. She so naturally plays the drums without even having to look at them. At some point, she looks at her dad while still playing, and she doesn’t miss a beat.

Her dad decided to record this performance of her favorite song. The video is adorably captioned throughout to give you an idea of what might be going on in her mind as she plays.

The dad does an excellent job with the videography and shoots her from different angles. She is calm and collected as she plays, the same way any other two years old is when playing with her toys.

How Shia Got Into Drumming

Shia Wilson is LJ Wilson’s little sister. The 4-year-old LJ Wilson has been in the limelight in the past few years as a talented, self-taught child drummer.

Naturally, the homestead would have sets of drums around the house. She’d also play the audience to her brother’s practice sessions. As she grew older, she understood music rhythms, and can now practice on the drum set without assistance.

She hails from a musical family, with her auntie being the talented musician Shelea Frazer. Frazer is Stevie Wonder’s mentee in the music industry. Shelea must be proud of her little niece and is probably grateful for the additional exposure her cover brings.