Little Brothers Steal the Show as Bride’s Siblings Surprise Guests with a Choreographed Wedding Dance

Wedding parties are the perfect chance to show off some dance moves. Traditionally, the dance floor is opened by the couple’s first dance. The parents can join the fun, as can the bridesmaids and groomsmen before the floor is open to the guests.

The parents can then join the fun, as can the bridal party before the floor is open to the guests.

With time, however, these traditions have been tweaked to suit each family. One such culture is having a bridal party or group of friends present a choreographed dance. This phenomenon is not unique to America.

Source: YouTube/ML Photo & Film

In Hungary, a wedding reception was graced by a breakout dance from the couple’s siblings. The group of eight siblings, four brothers, and four sisters dominated the dance floor once the bride was settled in the audience among the guests.

The choreographed dance alternated between the boy group and girl group, each with just one song. The finale, however, incorporated all siblings.

The brothers opened the dance with the Backstreet Boys’ “I Want It That Way,” after which they went on to don sunglasses and struck a pose. The younger brothers were so adorable in this pose.

Source: YouTube/ML Photo & Film

The sisters took up their chance and showed some impressive twirling skills. The brothers and sisters alternate about three songs each before coming together as a group of 8.

The siblings joined up to dance to Bollywood’s song “Radha.” The choreography is impeccable, lively, and jovial.

The little brothers enjoy themselves even as they try to keep up with their elder siblings. The group busted moves to the applause of the audience and appreciation from the bride.

Source: YouTube/ML Photo & Film

The dance ends with a group hug of the siblings and the newlyweds. The emotional, appreciative bride couldn’t hold back the tears as they hugged.

The video choreography was posted online and quickly garnered more than 17 million views!

The people who watched the video commented about how adorable and brave the younger brothers. People can’t help but keep sharing share the dance video!