Many families have been forced to stay apart because of the ongoing pandemic. But for one family in Florida, it meant they would see their father and husband earlier than initially anticipated.

Simon McKenzie, a Lieutenant Colonel in the army, was sent on a mission to Qatar at the end of February. He was scheduled to stay in Qatar until September, but the mission ended early due to the ongoing pandemic.

Knowing that her husband was coming back, Kristin McKenzie decided to surprise her kids. She arranged a surprise photo shoot with friend photographer Hannah Sanchez at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa on Father’s day.

As the photographer was taking photos of Kristin and her three children, Simon got out of the vehicle parked right behind them.

The photographer captured the special moment when the family realized who was sneaking up on them.

Kristin disclosed that Simon was unable to complete all the requirements of his mission because of the ongoing pandemic, so he was sent back home.

“Having him come home two months early,” Kristin told WKRN. “Was such a gift to all our hearts.”

It is fantastic to see Simon returning home early and surprise his children even though they had spent time apart.

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